30 September 2002

Hello World meet tay tay

OldEric says ;-) Yes World, this is Tay Tay text messaging. We love getting emails from Tay Tay. Give her a call World p.gwillis@xtra.co.nz This is an email we just received from her. She will stay with us after Xmas for the next 2 years, completing her schooling. Tay Tay is her on line name on hotmail.We are Tay Tay's Grandad and Nana and we love Tay Tay.

Hello its me tahlia!
ow are you both?
well im fine, i got my ski trip photo's developed the other week so when i see you next i'll have to show you them :)
So what have you been doing?
I've been working at the cafe for the last 3 days so i earnt myself $70 which is goos so im going to go into town tomorrow and bank that, and im also going to go adn get a hair cut because im trying to grow my hair and it needs a cut because its got to the pint where its not going to grow anymore untill i go and get it cut hehehe!
i've also got to babysit caitlin tommorow so that should be fun, but not really hehehe, she hit her foot just before so she is walking around with a bandige on her foot, gosh i dont know, she is a bit of a drama queen, hehehe.
well dad just got home, he's been out to watch the rugby some where so he just got back and mum is sitting out in the lounge in the dark watching t.v, and ashlee went through to hamilton today to stay with debbie and luke for the week so i think she is going to go to the movies with luke, i think shes going to go and see stewart little 2.
well i better go now i think that we might get a power cut soon im not sure because the weather isnt to great and before the lights were flickering and the t.v was getting these fuzzy lines through it. :)
so i will catch you later.
bub bye.
love from tahlia! x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

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