17 September 2002

A quiet day

OldEric says:- Yes the day is quiet. Not many jobs waiting and all run of the mill. The sort you do with your mind on other things. This afternoon continued writing up our 2000 Uk trip notes and amplifying the interesting bits.
We had a phone call from Gillian last night. The school interview had gone well. Just one little slip using Yep instead of Yes. Minor really. The girls were suprised at the tidy school and the quietness. Sister Pauline stressed to Tahlia the strict work ethic and the will to achieve. Sadly lacking in todays state schools. It will be a little hard for Tahlia at first but I'm sure she will pull through. A little love and encouragement goes a long way.
Got a post card from brother John this morning. He lives in England. He has joined The National Trust. A birthday subscription. John and Edith have gone on a 2 month tour of National Trust houses and mansions. 2000 houses to get through!

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