19 September 2002

Joy and Frustration

OldEric says:- Last night I decided to start building my new Website. I used Microsoft Word, I cannot program in html----yet.Everything went fine, just a few hiccups. Multi-pages, menus, hyper links, etc. Experimented with different aspects and made myself familiar with all its aspects.
I continued this morning, producing, converting pages to html and doing trial installs and checking links. All no problem.....easy. Until ......I wanted to convert a Works flat file database to html and link. Brickwall. tried everything. Read help, consulted manuals, wracked the grey matter, experimented to no avail. Don't like to be beaten. Frustration go and tell the Blog.
I often do, when at the brink of defeat in my workshop with an electronic problem, kick it under the bench for a few days. I then go back to the problem a few days later and often solve the problem quickly. The unconscious is a wonderful tool.

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