25 September 2002

A Short note

OldEric says :- I've 10 minutes only. Pat needs the computer for the local bird club newsletter. I shan't stop her ,as co-newsletter publisher, it is less for me to do,hi. Then I can spend more time opening up my mind to the Blog (just joking, of course). Some say, if the thoughts there....... Spent time on my 2000 trip journal. this afternoon. I close down at 3 pm most days but today I closed my work a little earlier.
Had Emails from my son Ian and also my niece's husband Pete, otherwise known as Nomad, when surfing the net. They have both found my other website and hence the Blog. I have a link to it.
Well 10 minutes have elapsed and I wait for the shout from upstairs, "Eeeeric, will you be long?". Goodbye for now.

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