22 September 2002

The Lake

OldEric Says :- Yachts back on the lake this morning.New season must be starting. From our lounge window we overlook Lake Hakanoa, small, about 250-300 acres I think. We are on high ground about 250 yards away. Just the small yachts this morning. I like it best when the big trailer-sailers are on and spinnackers up. Beautiful picture. They are big enough to sleep on board and often have all weekend. Yes, there are a few more now with at least 3 trailer-sailers with spinnackers up. late this morning Geoff and Anna with Bob , 5 called in to see us. They had been staying over the weekend at a friends place south of us here in Huntly and were on their way back to their home in Waiuku near Auckland. We talked as we watched the yachts. Geoff is my nephew and we enjoys their visits.

Our Trip

OldEric says :- Been thinking of our overseas trip this morning, in April 2003. We will go to England only this time. Back early July. Pat is a church synod cordinator and the yearly meeting is in mid-July. The following year 2004 we will visit Singapore again for a couple of weeks. I like Singapore and the people. Little crime there and not much hassling from street traders. Very safe for lone women. Often see late night workers going home alone through empty streets. We love to visit Little India district. The bazaar style trading with each shop extended over the pavement to the road edge gives the impression of one continuous shop. The music, smells of spices and incense, the little workshops and a myriad other things make it a facinating place.

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