21 September 2002

Its Saturday morning in NZ

OldEric says :- Yes, Saturday morning, up at 6.30am. An email from Ian came in as I read the Telegraph so sent him a short reply back. Gillian phoned yesterday and happily told us Tahlia has been accepted for Sacred Heart School. She will start in the 5th form. Now we will have a boarder for the next 2 years. Pat seems quietly pleased. Her maternal instincts to the fore. When children mature and leave home it is a wrench for parents especially the mother. A void is left. Tahlia will help to fill that void, as a little girl she always enjoyed staying at her Nana's and Pat enjoyed having her. I'm glad.
As I look out of the window, in the quiet of the early morning, the sun shines through the Rimu tree and a Thrush keeps flying into its thick foliage with nesting material. I like Spring, a time of new life, my favourite season. On the distant hill two cows stand feeding outlined on the skyline. A calf scampers around one. At times like this I feel at peace with the world and glad I am part of it.
We have had stormy weather, rain showers these past 2 days, the beginnings of the Equinox winds and temperature variations. We will have unstable weather for the next month or so. One year we did not get the Equinox rains and we suffered a severe summer drought. Now its time for breakfast.

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