26 May 2004

Sea Life. 1951. My First Ship

SS Modasa
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First draft:
The SS Modasa above of the British India Line was the first ship I sailed on. She was an old ship built in the 1920s and scrapped in the early 1950s. The Modasa was a passenger cargo ship carrying upwards 200 passengers on the run from the U.K. to the East coast of Africa and numerous ports en-route.

M Class ship

This photo shows a more modern passenger cargo ship of the British India Line of unknown name. The British India Line was eventually absorbed into the P & O Line.

The B.I.ships used to service East Africa, India, Far Eastern ports and down to Australasia.

Passengers were mainly planters and government officials with their families. For this was the times of British colonialism in 1950s East Africa. Certainly a much more peaceful and prosperous Africa than it is today.

Sea Life. A Steep Learning Curve

I will be writing this descriptive piece soon
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21 May 2004

This is our home when we lived at Sharrow Bay Posted by Hello

Once more this is a picture test. This was our beautiful home from 1943 until 1948. The shot was taken in 2000 when visiting Ullswater on our vacation from NZ.

This is OldEric. I'm the old one with my son, young Anthony.

This my first post of a picture using the "Hello" program. I hope to use more pictures in later posts if I find this method to be successful. I have viewed other weblogs using pictures previously and I have noted that they give a weblog a whole new diamention.

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