15 September 2002

Family Visit

OldEric says:- Today Gillian visits with our grandaughters Tahlia and Ashlee and all are staying overnight. Tomorrow is a big day for Tahlia. Gillian will take her in for an interview for starting at Sacred Heart Girls College in nearby Hamilton. The same high shool Gillian attended. The standard of Whitianga High school has been falling of late due mainly to poor staff plus lack of subjects. Tahlia at 15 has 2 years high schooling to complete. Gillian would like her board and I understand Tahlia would like that too. I think the cost of boarding will be too great plus school fees. A second option is to stay with us and travel daily as Gillian did. Tahlia seems to get on fine with her Nanna. The decision rests with Pat. Would she like to handle teenagers again? Pat has certainly not said no. Time will tell.
Ashlee is 2 years behind at 13 and Gillian has brought her along to give her an in sight into city schoolling. The school is netball orientated and fields 30 teams each Saturday in season. Both girls play netball. No doubt number 3 grandaughter will have wanted to come too but she will stay home with her father!
OldEric's thoughts on the subject? In all probability Tahlia will go on eventually to Polytech and it will give her a good insight into city living with all its temptations and other "things". Would she find us (me) too "old"?..... to live with.

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