12 September 2002

On a High
OldEric says:- I'm on a high today. no, not that high, just feeling pleased with my self. At last got my Home Page under construction and the first thing I did was link my blog to it. It worked, at least for me it did. Been on the web for I think 5 years or is it 6? Never had a yen before. Blogging one day and Web pages the next. What next? I'll have to give Nomad a hurry up not much movement on his wed site.
Feeling better now that nine eleven is over. At least that is what they call yesterday down here in NZ. Don't feel like working today so I did'nt. Sorted 2 customers out and fired up the computer. Here in NZ Spring has sprung and that feeling is in the air. Work is often quiet this time of year. Must be feeling tired this afternoon, I keep having to rectify typing errors. I was up at 4.40 am this morning, could'nt sleep so fired up the computer wrote up some of my 2000 trip journal from the notes I kept. Boy, am I a sluggard. I only do it when I get the urge.
Its 3pm, time for a coffee and then I'm going to link my 2000 Journal to my home page.
Not bad for a 68 year old!!

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