23 September 2002

Anthony and Ian

OldEric says :- We had a visit from our youngest son Anthony (call me Tony) yesterday, just passing through with Craig. Busy day for visitors. They had been up Port Waikato and other places, looking over the secondhand shops, old pottery, etc . He says he will come soon to take the electronic rubbish to the refuse centre if there is a full load. He is very helpful with this chore as I find it difficult to manage heavy stuff now. He is now looking much better after his bout of illness. We will need his help with our new aviary sections soon. We bought a commercial one this time and the sections need an extra pair of hands. I can use Jim across the road, I do occasionally but he is inclined to know best and take over.

An email from eldest son Ian waiting for us this morning. It looks as if we will be sailing the upper reaches of the Thames when we visit next year. When we visit, an important place to visit and photograph will be the source of the Thames, not too far from Cricklade. My old camera gave problems last visit and I should get a new one. Should be a digital one, but a good one is a little too expensive for the use I would put it to. They have reduced in price some time ago but still too much. Prices in hang mode. Still we have Pat's compact one. It takes very good photos. Getting exited as I think of our trip more and more. The places I should have visited last time and did'nt. If we go to Edinburgh as daughter Gillian wants to do ---- she is coming with us this trip for just 3 week only, we will return via Newcastle. I would like to visit cousin David, He has had a stroke recently and lost his speech. We were very close as boys.

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