29 September 2002

Sunday Mornings

OldEric says :-). Yes It's Sunday once more. Often once a week, if we are home we will have full English breakfast and Sunday is the day. We will dine on eggs, fried or scrambled, we will have sausages, baked beans and bacon and HP sauce complete with hot buttered toast. We will set out the table formally on old Mary's table cloth with the best china and tea strainer and have expensive Darjeeling tea from the slopes of the Himalayas. We eat leisurely and talk and enjoy our 20 minutes of pleasure.
Then comes the washing up, a small price to pay for those minutes of pleasure.
After my heart problems, I was told to keep my cholesterol levels lower than considered average. The levels were not high in the first place but I found it a little difficult to keep them lower than average. The Statin family of drugs became available but they are expensive and, to apply for a health service subsidy the cholesterol levels have to be high. The test was 3 readings high taken at 1 month intervals. The previous evening to my test I always had a high cholesterol meal and this pushed my readings just over the threshold level. I know, not a very ethical thing to do.
Old Mary’s table cloth belonged to my mother, vintage ‘50s era, linen, orange and blue flowers and an orange border, with a few small holes now. Long ago, on Sunday evenings when my brother John and I would were leaving for our distant employment she would invariably get the tablecloth out when setting table for our pre-travel dinner. During my brother Johns last visit to NZ with Edith, his wife they presented the tablecloth to me. They had kept it in a drawer all these years. Now it is one of my treasures.

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