1 October 2002

My Life Story

OldEric says :-) This morning whilst working, I though I might use my blog to write bite sized pieces of my life as well as other "things". I dug out a 'how to"book I bought some years ago which was recommended to me by a genealogy organization and will re-read it. The bites will not be in any chronological order but I shall give them meaningful titles so they can be sorted later. I remember the author of the "how to" book suggesting the bites idea for writing personal lifestories. He suggested, pick a topic which was important in your life and just write, any period, then collate them all together. This particular author taught practical writing to beginners for many years and all his ideas were honed on practical application.
Will I finish my life my book? I do'nt know, but if I write something it is better than nothing, so I will write something; when I get the yen to do so. If as planned, I close my business at the end of the 2004 financial year I shall have more time on my hands to write. I'm beginning to look forward to my retirement.

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