28 September 2002

Daisies and Lawns

OldEric says :- As I look down on our rear garden from the windows of our dining area I look over the undulating back lawn. Our house is on 2 levels and the living area is effectively one storey up and I look down on the lawn. We had it mown on Monday and by Friday the damp daisies were twinkling through, just like little stars or like the small reflective pieces shining when the lights are on in our textured ceilings. Some people spend a fortune in time and money trying to rid themselves and their manicured lawns of daisies. I don't, I like daisies, I always have. I let them grow and I take pleasure from them in idle moments. Long ago in idle moments, in summer, we would pick daisies and make daisy chains like countless children before us. As I looked I looked out of the window yesterday, a thought of those far of days came back to me. Do children today make daisy chains?
Our lawns are cut as required by the IHC boys, a gang of 4 will turn up with their carer, Alan and 4 lawnmowers will roar into action. One lawnmower is loud, and 4 .... It is all over in 20 minutes. It used to take our boys, Ian then later Tony (there I've said "it", not Anthony) a good hour to mow the lawns.
Occasionally I would mow the lawns too and it used to take me an hour also. Now it is all over in 20 minutes. As the IHC boys complete the mowing Alan follows them with his weed eater and trims the lawn edges and the little corner pockets. Alan then comes in, collects his cheque and we have a chat. As Alan leaves, I sometimes think another worthwhile donation to charity with something in return. The boys wave as they go, we have become fond of the boys over time, each with their own personality. All monies earned goes into a pool for extras, for trips and other things they would not normally receive. The ones unable to mow lawns share too. Yes, I’m glad the daisies return, a small thing perhaps, but likes and dislikes, even small, are all part of living. pat.eric@xtra.co.nz

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