15 October 2002

Jimmy Kitchen

OldEric says (;-} Jimmy Kitchen was a single farm worker who lived at Seat Farm next door to Sharrow Bay. He would sometimes come to our house in an evening for company and a yarn. Jimmy's favourite pastime when not fishing or hunting was yarning. Jimmy was a serious fellow and did'nt smile much but Jimmy used to tell some terrific yarns and I used to be all ears. He and Dad would be talking and I always knew when a yarn was in the offing, he would start with "Frank, do you know last night” .... and a yarn would start.
The best yarn was the rabbit one. As usual he started, "Frank, do you know, I've been down in the field trying to clean out those rabbits for a week or two now, they're eating the place bare so I though I'd go down and see if I could shoot one or two. I came up through the bushes to see what there was around the big oak tree, the one with the exposed bare roots. And do you know Frank, there were heaps of them, sitting on the roots, between the roots and all around the tree. So I pulled out the 22 rifle and I lined up this rabbit sitting on this root and as I looked down the sights there was another rabbit's head in the sight too, just behind the first one, so I moved my sights a little and I thought I would get two rabbits for the price of one. Just as I pulled the trigger a rabbit jumped and I said, damn, but no when I looked again there were two rabbits lying across the tree roots so I went across to collect them. And Frank, when I picked the two rabbits up I noticed another lying down between the tree roots, and do you know Frank, when I picked this other rabbit up, there through its head was a bullet hole. Three rabbits with one shot Frank, that third rabbit was the one I saw jump when I pulled the trigger".
We of course all rolled over with laughter and Kitch as we called him, did'nt bat an eyelid and with his serious face said "No, no, Frank, God's honour every words true, true as I sit here".
Jimmy Kitch, as we also called him did'nt tell yarns every time he called, just sometimes and when he did tell a yarn we were all ears. Of course nobody ever witnessed Jimmy's exploits, just Jimmy. Did Jimmy himself believe his yarns? I sometimes wondered if he may have done. Who knows?
Hoped you liked that one!

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