3 October 2002

A Day Off

OldEric says :-) Today we close the workshop for the day. We are going to the Hamilton Home and Garden Show, a once a year Expo affair. We always go each year. I will turn the "Yes, we are Open" sign over so it shows "Sorry we are Closed". Just like the “Gone fishing” sign. Now that we have moved the workshop up home most customers phone first before calling, but there is always one or two who don't. The weather is forecast good so it should be enjoyable. The Expo is both inside and out. I suppose as usual there will be lots of outdoor furniture on show with our NZ summer just round the corner. This year we do not intend to buy anything, but who knows. Last year, we were on the lookout for items for our new white limestone chip pebble garden. We brought home two large Tufa pebble dash containers and a Tufa bird bath and ordered a further Tufa pot to match the bird bath. All custom pieces and expensive. Plus a lot of small items and give-aways.

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