12 October 2002

Our Lake

OldEric says :-) I call it our lake, it isn't of course. Although only 250 metres away as the crow flies through paddock and swamp I usually drive down, about a km journey by road. Our lake is a pretty peat lake surrounded by bush, reeds and iris plants and has a walkway round it of 2.63 km, the sign says and I walk round it 3 to 5 times per week. When I first started to walk round the lake after the walkway construction I thought I would tire of the self-same views but I soon found it wasn’t like that at all, each day was varied just like the days are varied. My walk anti-clockwise takes me through swampy areas on raised causeways, through grassy areas, past houses backing on to the lake and bushy areas, through a small camping area and along the domain park section finishing where I started at the sailing club.
The lake teams with wildlife--birds, fish and from a seat where I usually rest and savour the pretty view, rabbits. From my resting place the view is always pleasant rain or shine. I even pause and sit in my rain gear on rainy days. I usually note the wildlife and a bird had me puzzled last week, it turned out to be a Caspian Tern. I did'nt know we had them in New Zealand even though they are worldwide. I always lookout for a batch of Canada Geese often swimming on the lake after feeding, they are always accompanied by 2 domestic geese gone wild. I think, they think they are Canada geese too! Canada geese are very suspicious birds and always post a sentry when resting or feeding, usually a large male bird has this chore. He always eyes me intently as I pass but he is used to me and other humans who walk the track.

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