16 October 2002

Today's Report

OldEric says (:-} Rain this morning and more forecast for this evening. Our average rainfall is down for our Spring here in NZ. We have had a few fast moving fronts pass over this past month or so and dump their rain but it isn't enough. If we don't get our Spring quota of rain, we will end up with a dried out NZ during the long hot Summer months. The soil is drying out fast. The days have been beautiful though, sky is wall to wall blue and the air crystal clear, you feel as though you can touch the distant hills in the clear air. The night temperatures drop down low during this type of weather and the bed blanket is needed, then the mornings come and the temperature rises fast up to 20degs C.
I won't be going round the Lake this late afternoon today. Saw a pair of Australian Black Swan yesterday with 4 youngsters, the adults looked magnificent in their glistening all black plumage and bright orange beaks. They were only 20 metres from me, well used to human activity.
A few Asian immigrants were fishing in the lake which is teeming with fish, Carp, both Goldfish and Koi, prized in England and a pest here, also Perch, Rudd and a few other species, not forgetting Eels of course. Well time to close the workshop door, four jobs, 2 TVs and 2 Monitors today. Fixed 3 of them and I'll leave one of the computer monitors for morning to fix. Spring jobs are always slow but it is nice to just relax and write these little pieces.

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