23 October 2002

Bits and Pieces

OldEric says :-) Business is slow at the preasent time as it always is at this time of year. Pat was out to lunch with her friend Phyl Cartmill today. It is Phyl's birthday today and they went to the RSA Resturant in Ngaruawahia. Hmm'm, a difficult name even for Kiwi's if you are not of this area. I've been setting setting up my Outline for my Memoirs in MS Word. I did'nt know the feature existed until I read the Word 2000 manual I recently aquired. Often wondered what the little button down in the bottom left hand corner was for and too busy to investigate futher. Outline certainly makes life easier. But as all good techs say "when all else fails consult the manual". One thing for certain, I've found if you nut out a complex problem without say, in this case, the manual I find I never forget the proceedure but, if I have to follow a set of instructions, well I find I learn only how to follow the instructions. Then as in RAM in a computer the brain shuts down and the knowlege gained is gone as a puff of smoke, its gone.
I'm going now to prepare a sequel to Windy, if you read Windy. Its called The Sergeant.

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