13 October 2002

This and That

OldEric says :-)The Blog has not been getting too much attention this past week, I've been too busy reading web textbooks to find what I can and cannot upload to my website and examine ways around it with problem files. I have only a slight knowledge of HTML and tend to use Front Page to solve my problems as I do not have the time to go deeply into HTML. So the Blog has suffered.
Gillian rang Pat this PM and they had a long talk. Its nice to see mother and daughter talking and discussing family decisions and asking for advise, or another point of view---nearer the mark I think. Its hard raising a family, it always has been and probably always will be. Each one of us is of a different make up, all depending on the genes we inherit and as each one of us matures we form our own points of view. Point of view differ all depending on our make up. To balance harmony in a family or community we tread a tight rope of guessed decisions sometimes right, sometimes wrong but mostly somewhere in between. We learn as we go, I think.
How did I get on to something heavy like that, I don't know, it just came out. I intended to write about my weekend and a phone call from Ian.
Mid afternoon here in NZ and a call this time, from Ian at 3am in the morning as travelled from Reading to home at Cricklade north of Swindon. He was just on his way home from a job in Reading, a supermarket internal alteration which can only be done at night during business downtime. Roads are empty at that time of morning, just the right time for a chat. I'm glad he likes his job, never seems to be a dull moment.
My weekend all I have time to write. Trimmed all the lower branches of the orange trees and cleaned up the fallen fruit. That took an hour and a half. Cleaned up other parts of the garden, planted out some of last years cuttings, prepared the beds for the impatiens. I love these bright cheery summer plants, and cut back some of the other shrubs. On the subject of citrus fruit did you know that the nicest fruit comes from the top of the tree?
Where is Tony? He must be busy, he leads a hectic social life. we must go in and see him in Hamilton this week, Pat says and have dinner with him. A good idea. Oh, did you know MS Word 2000 dictionary lists Blog as a word? I did’nt until I copied this Blog into Word spell check, hi. Told me Blog was wrongly spelt, should be capital B.

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