27 October 2002

Long Weekend

OldEric says :-) No we didn't go away this long weekend, stayed at home for a change. Went to Tony's for dinner on Friday night. He made a very nice Curry with Basmati rice and Naan bread. Yummy.
Yesterday we decided to go to Hamilton city and pick up some plants for the garden.Disaster struck, the station wagon was low on gas and I hadbacked it down our steep drive to unload some stuff and the pump must have drained back into the tank. There was only enough to reach the top of the drive in the carbo and that was it. Couldn't drive the Nissen out to go for gas, the station wagon was in the way. Jim across the road was out and came back mid morning and ran me down for 10 litres of gas. That was fine and the station wagon started, we were away, but, got down the road and the wagon stalled at the traffic lights and the after starting again when I took my foot of the gas pedal the damned thing kept stalling. The only way I could get through the traffic lights without stalling was to put the automatic in the low,low gear for towing and we headed for home. Probably some muck in the carbo from the bottom of the tank. But now we could get the Nissen out we headed for Hamilton. Got that of my chest! I feel better.
Today rain has been promised from a low coming across the Tasman and tomorrow as well, just started this Sunday afternoon. Sunny all morning and tee shirt weather. Planted the Impatians and the Gazzinias and a bag of compost to help things along. Oh, and had a full English breakfast this morning, the works. The only trouble Pat puts me on a starvation diet for the rest of the day.Oh, well.
Well thats it from OldEric, got some emails to send.
Got a lot more tales to tell, but some a bit too long for the Blog. Will try to shorten them or put them in 2 parts, we'll see.

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