20 October 2002


OldEric says (:-) Just as I was about to come and write another piece for my Blog I happened to surf on to the site of Steven's family where Steven has his own pages. I read a very sad story of a restricted boy now 21 and a happy story of a loving family. Steven has Angelmans Syndrome restricting his mobility and his learning capacity. I spent an hour or more on his site reading his pages so if I don't finish my piece today that is the reason. AS is very difficult to diagnose and is sometimes mistaken for a form of autism.
I also read of a loving and caring family who have helped ease Steven's burden and apply technology to introduce the outside world to Steven’s world. I signed his guest book and told him a little of my world. Should Steven come up here--- he would see my site--- I would like to say again, Hi, Steven, I'll drop you another line sometime, if you like.

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