24 December 2002

A Smelly Xmas Experience

OldEric says :-( On Sunday while cleaning up the rear of house section I noticed the sink drain was full and about to overflow, in fact traces of overflow were present. I left a message on the plumber's answering machine. He came the following morning, Monday and after three hours digging and breaking open the pipe in three places found two problems. One of the pipes had settled and partly collapsed and futher down the line at a junction tree roots had got in the pipe.

He got everything flowing again of which we were so glad two days prior to Xmas and he will be back Jan.15th or so to continue.

The concrete of the old dismantled aviaries has got to be taken up and about 25 or feet of new pipe has to be laid also two inspection manholes fitted and a new junction where the bathroom and toilet pipe joins in.

You never know where the next problem will come from. I spent this morning cleaning up the smelly overflow from the plumber's breaks in the pipes and putting plastic over the holes in the pipes to stop debris entering and reduce the smell.

A good shower and I felt much better.

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