31 December 2002


OldEric says :-) Well we did go to Kuaotuna this morning as we planned and we did have a large special ice cream and we ate it on the store raised veranda sitting on a long form with a solid wooden back. This is a great place for people watching and other activity of the gas station refuelling cars and boats. We must have sat for forty minutes or more watching all the activity of the influx of summer holiday people.

Kuaotunu is a very small place with a store, garage and a little wooden memorial hall with a few houses up the road. It also has a motor camp still further up the road in this quiet backwater by the Pacific Ocean north of Whitianga. But in summer the whole place hums from the inflow of people on vacation plus passing tourist traffic.

We had company on our long wooden form.... Jimmy the cat. Jimmy's favourite site is the long form and Jimmy was stretched out his full length and did not bat an eyelid as two strangers came to sit either side of him. In fact he stretched out further with the pleasure of a stroke and a tickle of his ears. Now Jimmy belongs to the storeowners’ family and he has a claim to fame. Jimmy loves to go with the storeowners’ children when they go swimming in the nearby creek estuary and Jimmy loves to swim too. Who ever heard of a swimming cat?

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