31 December 2002

New Years Eve at Whitianga

OldEric says :-) Today as I finish my breakfast on G &Ps patio it is going to be a wall to wall blue day. Everything is still and a big anticyclone sits stationary over NZ. Gill went to join Paul and the girls yesterday camping further up the peninsula along with Lisa and two more boys. Lisa's four wheeled drive bulged. Just Pat me and Tahlia left. Tahlia has got a holiday job in a large new shoppiing complex and has been working every day and sometimes half the night stocking the place. One day she was working until 2am. Last night we went to bed at 10pm and still no Tahlia. Its 8.10am I must go and wake her, she starts at 9am. Tahlia just told me she got home at midnight. I asked if she was tired and she told me not really!

Geoff and Anna with Bob visit late today in the camper and will stay overnight before going on to Hotwater beach if the tide is right and then back to Waiuku. Geoff is working through the holidays.

There is a newly house built on the empty section next to G & P, the owner is away and the house is loaned to friends. They have a full on boy of four. I wonder what will happen when a full on Bob arrives?

Our holiday here is going well and the weather is good but it has been a little windy until now. A Cyclone sits up in the Pacific near New Caledonia, I hope it doesn't move this way.

As I write this on the laptop, I find the laptop good for travelling and writing on the fly and I can pick up my Emails.Got your photos ok Ian if you read this. The Xmas party one was a beauty. Hope you have a nice New Year and give our love to Vicky.

Pat went shopping to the supermarket this morning for supplies for tonights BBQ. The supermarket is open soon after 6am up here. Hope everyone is hungary we seem to have loads of leftovers. We are going up to Kuatunu this morning for a drive and one of the famous super ice creams at the local store and a sit on the beach and watch the world of summer holidays go bye here in sunny NZ.

Happy New Year everyone!

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