19 December 2002


OldEric says :-) Well its Thursday again. Last Thursday we went down to Te Kuiti where Pat had a meeting to do with Church policy. I went too but I was not allowed in the meeting so I sat in the car and read a Geoffrey Archer book for two hours. On the way back we called in at Otorohanga to have a look at our old houses we lived in in the 1960s. One house was on an edge of town development high up with lovely views and we were very suprised to find that the development had gone backwards. Many of the houses appeared now to be rentals and badly maintained. Even the small Motel had been turned into apartments.
Our second house near the Domain had fared better and was well maintained. The open Domain was now part covered with trees and the neighbourhood looked different. Otorohanga is still a nice place. The mainstreet shopkeepers still leave their hanging flower baskets hanging outside overnight.

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