5 January 2003

Whitianga 1

OldEric says :-) Well our fine long spell of fine weather continues and today the temperature was running here at about 25C and other parts of the country higher. We have been going out early before the heat of the day and arriving back by midday.

Anthony arrived yesterday to stay two nights and had a good look around.

We have found a good cafe, new to Whitianga and the long blacks are the best I've tasted, we keep going back for another fix. The town is crowded whether it is morning or evening and people watching on the wharf is excellent as the ferry comes and goes across the estuary. Boys fish all day long catching sprats on the wharf whether it is 6.30am on my morning walk or the evening. The canals are now being constructed for the waterway development and the first stage has been connected to the estuary and the sections laid out each with boat ramp and wharf. The canals seem to be about 15-18-foot draught.

Tahlia's holiday job is now down to 9 to 5, she seems to be tired after her log spell of overtime but her first pay packet seemed to make up for it so she and two of her friends went to see "Twin Towers" showing locally.

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