28 January 2003


OldEric says :-) Gill, Paul and family brought Tahlia across on Sunday for her two year stay with us. Tahlia will start Sacred Heart College on Wednesday, our tomorrow. The family left yesterday, our Monday to go back to Whitianga. It was our Anniv. Day on Monday so we all had a long weekend.

Today Tahlia is very quiet and I asked here if she was bored or did she have butterflies of pending tomorrow? It is a big upheaval for her and I hope she does not miss home too much and her two noisy sisters. I too left home at fifteen and although it was on one hand a big adventure on the other hand it was for me a big learning curve and a strange hostel enviroment.

I do hope Tahlia is happy with us, I do feel for her, we must seem like old fogeys to a fifteen year old.

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