6 January 2003

NZ Whitianga Rainy Days

OldEric says :-) The rain came after midnight and it has rained most of the following day. 10pm and it is still raining.No wind and warm. The rain has come down from the tropics and is probably the remnants of Cyclone Zoe after its demise up in the islands. Fine weather sits dorment in the Tasman waiting to move in, another big anticyclone.

Tahlia has had a day off from her holiday job and this evening has gone to a hip hop evening held by one of the local churches. It was to be outside at the marina but the rain put an end to that and is now being held in the "Monkey House", the place where the movies used to be held. Tahlia phoned up at 10.30pm to be picked up in the heavy rain, she has her own cell phone now which makes things easier. She told me she had enjoyed her night out and the dancing and music.

Pat says she is ready to return home so we shall go back Tuesday. She misses the cats and her home at home and the comfort of her own bed.

Next Morning

The rain is still with us this morning and the humidity and now with a little breeze. Gillian, Paul and the tribe are due this lunchtime. Pat is busy preparing a big chicken for their dinner tonight. Gillian phoned up yesterday to tell us they were staying until Monday despite the weather. The children were enjoying playing and swimming in the warm rain.

I've fed the cats, Pat is sure that they have put on weight since we arrived.They are usually fed when someone remembers so the cats think our visit is great.

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