12 January 2011

Sea Life 1951. The Modasa. Homeward Bound

First draft:

We left Tilbury Dock in London, down the Thames, into the English Channel and headed in a northerly direction up to the River Tyne. I remember little of the short voyage. The weather, no doubt would be at the best, chilly and more probably cold. It was now late November and not the best time to be leaning over the ships rail in the cold.

Strange to say I remember little or nothing of this part of the voyage and its end. My memory was a complete blank. When I made the rough notes of the voyage in 2004 and now continuing 6 years later I still cannot remember anything.

We would pass through the 2 sea walls guarding the entrance to the river Tyne, pass the groyne inside the sea walls, here was South Shields and we would slow as we turned into the river. I must have looked up onto the hill and noted 47 Lawe Rd were I had boarded so long. Cold day or not, I would have noted the familiar architecture of the boarding house. Passing up the river I must have looked at the familiar places I knew so well.

Where we berthed I do not know. I did not remember signing off the ships articles, or receiving my first salary cheque, travel warrant to home or the train journey home.

Our voyage lasted from August 8 1951 to November 27 1951. The ships master was Captain Busby

Arriving home I found I had 14 days leave which included Sunday’s at sea days.

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