17 May 2005

Sea Life. 1951. The Modasa. Hindustani Words.

First draft:

Burra ..... great, chief, boss

Chae ....... tea
Sahib....... sir
Tiffin....... lunch

In the British merchant marine many ships, especially those running to India, East Africa the Far East, etc. were crewed by Indians with European officers. Many words of Hindustani were borrowed and used in the everyday English language on board ship.

Many more Hindustani words were brought back to Britain from India in the days of the British Empire, by the armed forces stationed in India and the great army of British business personell who ran the Far Eastern British possessions.

A few common Indian words brought back from India to Britain, such as bungalow, chae (corrupted to char, as in charlady), shampoo, pyjama, dekko (as in look), gymkahna and many, many more.

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