30 November 2003

Milnthorpe The Scholarship Conditions

The Scholarship conditions were very generous.

1. The scholarship applied to South Shields Marine College only.
2. All College fees would be paid in full.
3. All holiday travelling fees to and from College would be paid in full. Holidays would be term holidays and public holidays only.
4. All boarding fees including meals would be paid in full. Any change of boarding address to be approved.
5. Pocket money to be paid by the applicant at a suggested rate of 10 shillings a week.

Well it was not Colwyn Bay in Wales, a private institution and I didn't mind in the least. South Shields Marine College came under the Education Department umbrella.

Travelling was stipulated to be by bus only. Looking on a map, South Shields was on the East coast of England near Newcastle and Kendal/Milnthorpe area was on the west side of the country. To go by train one had to travel north to Carlisle then change and travel east to Newcastle and then on to South Shields, an expensive journey, and time consuming.

To travel by express bus across country was the alternative from Kendal to South Shields. Again looking at a map the bus travelled across from Kendal to the A66, then A67 via Brough, Barnard Castle and Bishop Auckland then the bus swung north up to Newcastle and South Shields. A boring trip for a 15/16 year old boy picking up and dropping off passengers on the way.

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