18 October 2003

Ullswater Secondary School Conclusion

I attended Penrith Secondary Modern for just over 3 years, possibly 3.5 years from the age of 11 until I was 14 then we moved to Kidside, Milnthorpe in the then county of Westmorland now amalgamated into the new county of Cumbria.

In the main I enjoyed my time at Penrith Secondary Modern. Although a very strict school and non-compromising of wrongdoers or laziness, in fact sometimes cruel in its strictness, it was my saviour. If after failing the 11+ examination I had continued at the 2 teacher Barton School the best I could have hoped for was a semi-skilled job without adult futher education.

Now I realize I was lucky that I was transfered to Penrith Secondary Modern. It was many years before I realized this. For much of the early years I used to envy those who attended Grammer School and their higher education. I used to think I was not bright enough having failed to pass the 11+, not bright enough for a Grammar education. As the years passed I slowly realized I was probably more than capable of a Grammer education.

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