25 February 2003

A MAJOR Announcement

OldEric says 8-) Happy news on our Sunday night. Ian phoned to say he had popped the question to Vicky and she said yes. Her family cheered and her sister cried. What more can I say, we cheered too!

Gillian was exited and she is going to extend her UK stay another six days. Pat phoned Air New Zealand and changed Gillian's booking and phoned her at work to tell her everything was A OK.

Tony was flabbergasted and thought Ian was pulling his leg. Tony phoned us at 11pm and got us out of our bed, I rushed to the phone and ignored our triggered alarm; to ask us if we knew and if it was true.

Well it is going to be an exiting trip. All of us up in the top bedroom ho, ho,ho!! Pat asked me if she still snored and I said I don't think so.

Wedding date:- Possibly May 3rd or May 10th. Watch this space.

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